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Galvanized Wire

Galvanized wire is one of the best wire rods in terms of strength and flexibility.

Since galvanized wire is resistant to corrosion and less vulnerable than other wire rods, it has many uses in various industries such as agriculture, strengthening power cables, and construction.

Galvanized wire is the same as black wire, but during the galvanization process, a layer of zinc coating is added to protect it against corrosion and increase its lifespan. The color of this wire is white, which is why it is sometimes called white wire.

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The Difference Between Hot and Cold Galvanized Wire Rods

The choice between cold production and hot production of galvanized wire depends on the specific requirements of the intended use. Cold-produced galvanized wire is often preferred for indoor applications or situations where moisture exposure is minimal. It is commonly used in electrical wiring, mesh fencing, and crafting.

Hot-dipped galvanized wire rod, on the other hand, finds its application in outdoor settings where it will be exposed to rain, humidity, and other corrosive elements. It is widely used in the construction industry for reinforcing concrete structures, as well as in agriculture for making fences and animal enclosures that can withstand the elements.

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Technical specifications

Wire diameter
0,9 – 4,00 mm
Internal diameter
300 mm - 500mm (+/- 30 mm)
Outer diameter
400 mm -800 mm (+/- 30 mm)
15 Kg - 400 Kg