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Black wire rod

black wire

Black wire is a type of wire made from hard industrial wires that have been heat-treated in an annealing furnace at very high temperatures (up to 900 degrees Celsius) and essentially “baked.”

Although black wire has been exposed to very high heat, its chemical properties remain unchanged. However, its mechanical and physical properties do change, and it is known by this name because of its black color.

Due to its high strength, flexibility, and softness, black wire is often used in construction because it is easy to shape and work with. Black wires are manufactured in different diameters and sizes and have different applications depending on their thickness.

As mentioned at the beginning, black wire is also known as rebar wire (“armature banding wire”). In construction, black wire is used to hold rods in place within concrete because it is very soft and flexible. It easily wraps around rebar, keeping it secure within the concrete.

But the applications of black wire go beyond construction:

  • Agriculture: Black wire is used to connect agricultural tools and equipment.
  • Shipbuilding and automotive industries: Black wire is used in the manufacture of screws, electrodes, nails, rivets, meshes, and various types of racks and nets.
  • Cage construction: Due to its high strength, black wire is also used to build various cages for animals and birds.
  • Formwork, packaging, and woodworking: Other uses of this type of wire include formwork (for concrete), packaging, and woodworking.


Important Note: It’s important to mention that black wires do not have any coating. Therefore, they perform poorly against corrosion and may rust if exposed to open air or moist environments.

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Black Wires in Different Thicknesses and Applications

As mentioned earlier, black wires are manufactured in different thicknesses, and each thickness has a specific application.

Types of Black Wire in the Market

There are two main types of black wire available in the market: Iranian and Chinese.

Iranian Black Wire

Iranian black wire is further divided into two types: factory-made and non-factory-made.

  • Factory-made black wire: This type of wire is made from rolling and drawing steel rebars. It is highly resistant, flexible, and easy to shape.
  • Non-factory-made black wire: This type of wire is made from scrap iron and metal strips. It is less expensive than factory-made black wire, but it is also less resistant and flexible.

Black Wire Types by Thickness

Black wires are available in various thicknesses, each with its own specific application. Here are some common examples:

1.2 to 1.7 mm Diameter:

  • Application: Rebar tying
  • Reason: Easy to twist and bend
  • Ideal Size: 1.5 mm

2 to 2.5 mm Diameter:

  • Application: Formwork
  • Reason: Very soft and flexible


3 to 5 mm Diameter:


  • Packaging
  • Construction
  • Sculpting
  • Other various uses
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Technical specifications

Wire diameter
0,3 – 11,00 mm
Internal diameter
250 mm - 700mm (+/- 30 mm)
Outer diameter
350 mm -1200 mm (+/- 30 mm)
10 Kg - 300 Kg